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60 Series Shredders

60x50 Shredder 60 Series Shredder

60 Series Shredders from American Pulverizer are designed for today's scrap processor. They can handle high capacities of miscellaneous sheet iron, auto bodies, white goods, light #1 and #2 scrap materials, and more.

60 Series Features:

The 60 Series is smaller, but has some of the same big features of our larger shredders.

  • Capped spider rotors
  • Capped end discs
  • Heavy-duty self-supporting grates
  • Reject doors
  • Hydraulic pin pullers
  • Vibration isolation packages
  • Runs the same mix of scrap as our larger shredders

Best of all, our 60 Series Shredders are affordable. Your return on investment will never be better.

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