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Reversible Impactor

Reversible Impactor Reversible Impactor

Reversible Impactors feature the quality, dependability, service, parts, and performance you expect from American Pulverizer. Reversibility allows up to double the life. It handles high tonnage with close control of product size and more cubical shape. They are built with a large first-stage impact area and are easy to maintain. Our Impactors are also adaptable for clays, shales, ores, minerals, coal, limestone, cement rock, and more.

Reversible Impactor Features:

  • Easily adjustable impact blocks
  • Complete interchangeability of block parts
  • High feed drop designed for more wear-savings on hammer faces
  • Open bottom discharge
  • Ribbed-reinforced heavy steel housing machined to a dust-tight fit
  • Available in designs for open-faced or completely closed-circuit systems
  • Rotors are long-life, heat-treated, factory-balanced, and keyed to shaft

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