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Reversible Hammermill

Reversible Hammermill 1 ACR Reversible Hammermill

Along with our Reversible Impactors, American Pulverizer's Reversible Hammermills are ideal for reducing foundry slag and sand, cement rock, silicon carbide, potash, limestone, bentonite, coal, coke, alumina, salt cake, fire brick, ores, glass frit, and mill scale.

Reversible Hammermill 3

Features Include:

  • Machine design for open-circuit or completely closed-circuit systems
  • Access doors on the crusher side frames allowing access for daily inspections
  • Heavy-duty plate steel weldments that are rib-reinforced where crushing strains are greatest; adjoining surfaces are precision CNC machined to minimize vibration and dust
  • All units have 4150 heat-treated alloy forged main shafts
  • No external flywheels required
  • Heavy-duty cast manganese steel slugger hammers
  • Grease lubricated bearings on most machines, larger machines supplied with circulating oil systems, which are optional on smaller units
  • Primary and secondary crushing action and adjustable cage

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