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Vertical Shaft Turnings Crusher

VS-2 Crusher VS-10 Crusher

The American Pulverizer VS Series Vertical Shaft Turning Crusher is a modern, practical, self-contained, vertical axis crusher designed to handle nearly every kind of scrap with real dependability. They are ideal for supporting both large and small metal machining plants as well as steel processors.

The vertical feed allows you to handle large tangled bundles of turnings. Gravity forces the turnings into a revolving head and stationary replaceable cutters produce the short chips.

Vertical Shaft Crusher features:

  • All-steel construction with strong fabricated base that's easy to install
  • Inspection/access doors allow manual removal of tramp metal when necessary
  • Entire upper housing hinged to open completely in half without disturbing or removing feed hopper
  • Can be mounted to open in any of four directions and be re-mounted to open on any side later

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