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Pick & Roll Crusher

Pick & Roll Crusher 1 Pick & Roll Crusher 2

American Pick & Roll Crushers handle a wide range of crushing needs. From caked chemicals and waxes to asphalt and dry ice. It features simple construction that is virtually maintenance-free, requires less horsepower, and comes with a variety of screen plates to produce desired finished-product size with a minimum of fines.

Some of the many jobs include:

  • Reducing rosins and phenolic resins
  • Reducing paraffin and other waxes
  • Reducing unburned brick, clays, and clayware
  • Reducing caked or lumped chemicals and fertilizers (including ammonium nitrate)
  • Reducing dry ice for quick freezing meats and food stuffs
  • Crushing dry ice for fuel tank purging and tumblers
  • Crushing deodorant blocks
  • Crushing tanning extract
  • Crushing wax press cake and filter cake
  • Crushing Trinidad asphalt

Pick & Roll Crushers are available in steel and stainless steel and can be equipped with casters for portability. A variety of screen plates are available to produce your desired finished product size.

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