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Rolling Ring Turnings Crusher

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American Pulverizer's Rolling Ring Turnings Crushers are designed especially to reduce metal turnings to smaller particles for better handling, salvage, and oil removal. They feature our exclusive rolling rings plus automatic apron to eject tramp metals.

Rolling Rings

The crusher is the heart of any chip salvage system, and the American Ring Crusher is designed to quickly and economically reduce carbon and alloy steel, aluminum, brass, and bronze turnings to shoveling chips.

The rotor is assembled on a heavy heat-treated alloy shaft which revolves in heavy-duty anti-friction bearings enclosed in dust-tight steel pillow blocks.

For the big jobs, American Pulverizer's 48x50 and 60x50 models are designed to handle large volumes of metal turnings and aluminum castings. Excellent for scrap yards, large industrial plants, aluminum smelters, and refiners. Steel turnings can be fed to these crushers by cranes using magnets, clam shell buckets, or by conveyors.

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