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Automobile Hammermill Shredder

Automobile Hammer Shredder Car Chrusher

American Pulverizer's Automobile Hammermill Shredders are built for today's rigorous shredding demands.

Shredder Sizes & Capacities

Units range in size depending on capacity. Our 60 series shredders handle anywhere from 20–70 TPH of scrap. Heavier-duty shredders like our 80x104, 98x104, and 130x118 handle up to 250 TPH.


Our shredders are furnished with capped spiders and end discs, heavy-duty self-supporting grates, reject doors, hydraulic pin pullers, vibration isolation packages, and extended skid base for uniting the shredder and feed chute to a common baseplate. Heavy-duty scrap shredders utilize a high top middle housing design allowing for less horsepower consumption and resulting in increased casting wear life. Oversized feed roll shafts are enclosed in cast steel pillow blocks.

Complete Shredding Systems

We are a single-source provider with total system capabilities that include infeed and takeaway conveyors, magnets, eddy current separators, and much more.

64x86 Shredder

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