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Laboratory Mill

Laboratory Mill 1 Laboratory Mill 2

American Pulverizer Company Laboratory Mills are built for laboratory, pilot plant, and other small-scale applications. They will provide a uniformly crushed product from a wide variety of organic and inorganic materials. Other applications may include: chemicals, coal, pigments, foods, clay, and other friable and fibrous materials.

Practically all of the reduction is done upon the manganese steel breaker and grinding plates in the front of the grinding chamber. These parts are subject to constant wear but can be easily and quickly replaced. Rolling rings or swing hammers deflect from tramp iron and prevent serious damage to the crusher.

Laboratory Mill Features:

  • All housing parts machined to a dust-tight fit
  • Jigs and fixtures developed for every machining operation to ensure interchangeability of parts
  • Quick accessibility to the crushing chamber to facilitate cleaning and to change screen plates or grate bars

Laboratory Mills have many of the construction features of our high tonnage units. Each mill is built in our own shop on specifications to fit your application. Before shipment is made they are mechanically operated. Each mill is sold on a guaranteed performance basis. We are in a position to do this as we can make test grindings on your own materials at our testing laboratory.

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